Fireplace AERO S Angle 90 with vermiculite


Can be the main heating source of a house. They offer high heating efficiency, savings of up to 40% on heating costs and lower emissions into the environment.

  • Hearth's lining: Vermiculite hearth
  • Hearth's shape: Rectangle
  • 'Quatro' sides: Left sided 'Quatro', Right sided 'Quatro'
  • Dimensions: 65 × 87 × 160 cm

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Energy fireplaces that offer the larger heat production.
· With 4 hot air chambers, secondary combustion technology (exhaustion afterburn) and exhaust multipath (for higher output)
· Inner liners of vermiculite and frame made of 4 mm. hot rolled steel (STD37-2)
· Two way – opening and sliding door with 4mm. ceramic glass (endurance up to 750ο C) – 33 cm diagonally
· Airwash system : Takes in air from above the fireplace window and pass (or ‘wash’) it over the surface of the window.
This helps keep the flames and gasses off the window itself as there is a layer of air protecting it. Less tar is deposited keeping the window cleaner.
· Automatic chimney damper function
· Digital thermostat with temperature sensor
· Inox hot air outlets – 4 x 125 mm.
· Hearth adjustment
· Fan connection 1000 m3/h

venti deyterogenhs airway
Hot air distributed by fan Secondary combustion technology
(exhaustion afterburn)
Airwash system

Additional Information

Weight 233 kg
Dimensions 65 × 87 × 160 cm


Θερμική ισχύς Useful heat output Kw  20,10
Θερμική απόδοση Efficiency %  72
Κάλυψη χώρου Heated area m²  140-170
Κατανάλωση ξύλων Wood consumption Kg/h  3-3,5
Βάρος Weight Kg  233
Έξοδος καπνοδόχου Combustion product outlet Ø cm  25
Εξωτερικές διαστάσεις (ΠxBxY) External dimensions (WxDxH) cm  87x65x160
Εστία (ΠxBxY) Hearth’s dimensions (WxDxH) cm  75x49x60