Klio 80 wood burning aero insert

Suitable to be introduced into any fireplace, they have advanced functioning technology in order to obtain exceptional efficiency and make the old fireplace even more functional.

• when you want to create an avant-garde fireplace.
• when you want to renew an old, poorly functioning fireplace.
• when you need to channel hot air into adjacent rooms.
• when you want an economic heating system with all the advantages of wood burning.
• when you are looking for safety and savings: the ceramic glass door guarantees a rational use of heat.
• when you have particular space requirements.
• when you have a small chimney flue.
• when you are looking for a quick installation (less than 2 hours) without the use of builders.

  • Door: Opening only
  • Hearth's lining: Vermiculite hearth

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• No need to demolish your old fireplace.
• Great economy in wood consumption.

Wood burning insert that offers large heat production and great economy. Ideal for heating up to 100 m²
· With secondary combustion technology (exhaustion afterburn) and exhaust multipath (for higher output)
· Large combustion room with inner liners of vermiculite and frame made of 4 mm. hot rolled steel (STD37-2)
· Opening door with 4mm. ceramic glass (endurance up to 750ο C)
· Airwash system : Takes in air from above the fireplace window and pass (or ‘wash’) it over the surface of the window.
This helps keep the flames and gasses off the window itself as there is a layer of air protecting it. Less tar is deposited keeping the window cleaner.
· Ventilator 650 m3/h

venti deyterogenhs airway
Hot air distributed by fan Secondary combustion technology
(exhaustion afterburn)
Airwash system

Additional Information

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 50 × 80 × 52 cm


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